June 2021 ~ Interstate Style

Sunday, June 6, 2021

It's already June, and time to shower Dad with love (and maybe a goodie or two). I've rounded up a bunch of gifts I've purchased for Jared that he loves, and actually uses. Grab your gifts in time for the big day. You have plenty of time. It's June 20!

Wheeled Cooler: The ultimate cooler. If you love Yeti, then you know. If you don't have anything Yeti brand, all their products are amazing quality. We've left drinks it in our wheeled Yeti cooler over a week and when we grabbed they were still ice cold. The wheels make it so much easier to transport than your average cooler, too. Perfect for road trips!

Massage Gun: This is a deep tissue gun geared towards athletes to relieve soreness. It has four speeds and comes with five applicators for different parts of the body. 

Over the Shoulder Cooler: Jared used this all the time when he goes golfing. We also also been using it lately for Winston's soccer games and it's the perfect size (not too heavy for even me to carry when it's full). 

Earbuds: If you're shopping for someone that likes to work out, these are perfect. They have great sound quality and better staying power than the apple EarPods. 


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