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Tuesday, June 14, 2022

I've been on the hunt for some basics for Winston for Summer and Nordstrom Rack is having some great sales right now. This was my first time buying the Nordstrom Rack brand t-shirts. The fit is true to size and the fabric is very soft. Plus, you can't beat $4. It was also my first time buying Sovereign Code and those shirts are amazing. They are thin and soft and have great pattern options. Winston is almost 5 and wearing 5T typically, so I grabbed a 6 for him to enjoy this Summer and beyond. The basketball shorts are a steal at $12. I bought these three colors, but there are even more colors available online. Run! Shop the entire post below. Thanks for stopping by. 


Wednesday, June 8, 2022


Sharing my new favorite layered look today. This blazer is a dream. It's fitted in the shoulders (and waist if buttoned), but is an oversized fit if you wear it open. All in all, super flattering. I love that it's long enough to cover your bum, too, making it great to pair with leggings and a tee. An outfit I also have on repeat is this blazer with jeans and a plain black or white top. You could also dress it up like I did with a maxi dress and wear this look to the office or reception or throw on some sneaks for a walk around town. 

Wearing size 4 in the blazer and small in the maxi dressMy necklaces are from Sequin  Jewelry. Use my code CRYSTAL20 for 20% off your oder. 
These sandals are super comfortable and the one pair I continue to grab when I need a small heel. 

These round sunglasses are so chic. This designer look-a-like pair is only $13 compared to $400 for the originals. 


Monday, May 23, 2022


We took the kids to Maui! It was exhausting and even more fun than any of us could've imagined. I will say, we (I) overpacked, for both myself and the kids. Today, I'm sharing part of my packing list. I picked out my most used items for the kiddos that we used day after day.


Bringing hats for the kids was a huge win. I grabbed a new one for each of them, both for $20 or less and they had great coverage. Gwen's straw hat with lace tie was not only pretty but actually stayed on. Winston got a big straw sun hat that was the perfect little boy size, and the string to keep it on was so convenient with how much he was in and out of the water. 


We are typically COOLA fans, but at the last minute, couldn't find the COOLA for kids for their face, and picked up this bottle by Beach Bum. SPF 70 was perfect. It wasn't too thick, blended well (no white faces), and we had zero burns on these babes. Keep in mind my kiddos are so fair you can see all those purple veins, so we didn't take any chances. Most days we were out in the sun 4-5 hours or more, so we re-applied a couple times minimum.  


I couldn't help myself and bought matching swim sets for the kids from Minnow. This shop is a little more expensive than some shops, but worth it in my opinion. You can tell the quality is so much better than something you'd grab for $10 or $20. The fit is fantastic (no saggy bottoms in the boys shorts) and they wash super well. For smaller kiddos, the swimsuits and rash guards have buttons at the bottom for quick diaper changes (such a dream). It was hard to pick just one print, they have so many cute styles. I also grabbed suits from Amazon for Gwen and Rylee & Cru for Winston. Gwen had a blowout in two out of her three suits, so I'd definitely recommend extra swimsuits for a baby in diapers. 

You can shop all details at the bottom of this post. 


Wednesday, February 16, 2022


Gwen's nursery is still my favorite spot I the house, my post about her nursery continues to be the most popular of all my posts on Pinterest, so I thought I'd post these images again for anyone looking for some inspiration in creating a nursery. Everything is linked, and I hope you love it as much as we do!

I fell in love with these boho decals from Urban Walls, and knew we were going to reuse Winston's crib, so that's how I got started and decorated the room around those. A little boho glam is what I was going for. I have the full set of decals.

Acrylic and gold dresser knobs are Hamilton Bowes.

I've listed all parts purchased to assemble the hanging racks below. The only item I couldn't link, was the wood. I bought 36-inch long cherry oak boards, and cut them to fit my space. I chose the cherry oak, because it's super strong and won't crack as you drill into the wood. The boards are one inch thick and 12 inches deep. We cut each board to about 30 inches to fit the wall and allow a few inches on each side and a few inches in between the board. You can really used any wood. Don't feel like you have to use cherry oak. I'd steer clear of pine since it's so fragile and splits easily. It's worth the extra money for quality wood. 


Hanging Racks

I hope this gives new moms or anyone decorating a nursery a little bit of inspiration. 

xo, Crystal Marie

Thursday, February 3, 2022

I'm sharing an easy outfit to piece together today. It's polished, but still super comfortable. This knit vest is crazy soft and comes in this light lime color and a pretty grey. Leggings are the traditional cozy fit of the align style, with a little sparkle, giving an almost faux leather vibe. I recommend getting your normal size. My sunnies have been out of stock forever. Grab them while you can! They are such a good price for amazing quality. Boots are true to size and perfect Winter. 


Tuesday, January 18, 2022


In honor of the first full week of Winter, I'm sharing all my favorites for the season. Find a style for every occasion. I've included styles for snow and rain, everyday, date night and more. I'll include sizing information for each style next to the picture. 


Hello date night! These pointy toe Jon Josef booties are the perfect bootie for a night out. The 3-inch heel makes them a great everyday wear for the office, too. Runs slightly small. Order a half size up. Click here to shop this Jon Josef style and more.

I'm always a fan of a stacked heal. The pointy toe is flattering and I love the metal toe. They are super comfortable for everyday wear but dressy enough to wear for a special occasion or date night. I wear them with no show socks. True to size. 

These are the best white booties I've ever found. The round toe with a two-inch heel makes this style very comfy. They are also easy to wipe clean. This pair runs slightly small, order a half size up. Several color options are available. Click here to shop.


These are great to throw on with jeans or tights and a dress. I recommend warm socks if it 's cold out to keep you warm. They say they are for dry or cold weather, but you can still slide a little in the colder/wet weather. I definitely got them for how they look on the outside. They are so chic looking and add a pop to any outfit. Runs true to size. If you want to wear these with thick socks, size up a half size. 


I've had these sneaker booties for two seasons and am not surprised at all they they are still being sold. Maybe my favorite boot for Winter. Comfy, waterproof and good traction in wet weather. They have a waterproof and felt combination on the outside, and fleece inside (definitely my favorite part). My feet stay so warm. True to size. If you want to wear thick socks then size up a half size. I wear ankle socks usually.


This pointy toe bootie is perfect under jeans and looks great with dresses, too. I love the skinnier silhouette with the chunky stacked heel. The pointy toe is definitely flattering, slimming on the legs. With a two and a half inch heel, they are a style I can wear all day comfortably. True to size. 


I love these faux fur snow boots. I was attracted to the curry color in particular. Easy to wear with almost any color, and dressier (than most boring snow boots). Make sure to wear warm socks. They ARE waterproof but not super insulated. They run true to size. 


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