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Monday, May 23, 2022


We took the kids to Maui! It was exhausting and even more fun than any of us could've imagined. I will say, we (I) overpacked, for both myself and the kids. Today, I'm sharing part of my packing list. I picked out my most used items for the kiddos that we used day after day.


Bringing hats for the kids was a huge win. I grabbed a new one for each of them, both for $20 or less and they had great coverage. Gwen's straw hat with lace tie was not only pretty but actually stayed on. Winston got a big straw sun hat that was the perfect little boy size, and the string to keep it on was so convenient with how much he was in and out of the water. 


We are typically COOLA fans, but at the last minute, couldn't find the COOLA for kids for their face, and picked up this bottle by Beach Bum. SPF 70 was perfect. It wasn't too thick, blended well (no white faces), and we had zero burns on these babes. Keep in mind my kiddos are so fair you can see all those purple veins, so we didn't take any chances. Most days we were out in the sun 4-5 hours or more, so we re-applied a couple times minimum.  


I couldn't help myself and bought matching swim sets for the kids from Minnow. This shop is a little more expensive than some shops, but worth it in my opinion. You can tell the quality is so much better than something you'd grab for $10 or $20. The fit is fantastic (no saggy bottoms in the boys shorts) and they wash super well. For smaller kiddos, the swimsuits and rash guards have buttons at the bottom for quick diaper changes (such a dream). It was hard to pick just one print, they have so many cute styles. I also grabbed suits from Amazon for Gwen and Rylee & Cru for Winston. Gwen had a blowout in two out of her three suits, so I'd definitely recommend extra swimsuits for a baby in diapers. 

You can shop all details at the bottom of this post. 



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