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Thursday, July 18, 2019

It's officially Summer and I'm sharing my favorite products to use during these hotter temps to protect, correct and get that glow. You'll find everything from suntan lotion and favorite foundations to tanner and lip care. I'm sharing it all. I do have slightly sensitive and dry skin for reference, but all of these products can be used on any skin type or have a version for specific skin types. 
Sandals // Lip Balm // Sunnies // Suntan Lotion // Bag // Swimsuit // Hat

Body - This MOROCCANOIL Sun Lotion is a must for your next vacation! I love how smooth and lightweight the formula is. It's really light enough that you could use this everyday, not just for the beach. The scent is Monoi, which is a light floral/gardenia fragrance. Also, it's formulated with antioxidant-rich organ oil and vitamin E, so you're getting skin is getting hydrated while using.

Lips - I love this SPF20 Lip Balm. It's super hydrating with shea butter and organ oil and isn't sticky or greasy and has a light mint scent. I carry this in my purse and use it daily. 

Face - I've been using this lotion before I put on my make-up or this setting spray with SPF after I put on my make-up.

Hair - This MOROCCANOIL Protecting Spray is one of my go-to products every time I wash my hair. I use a few sprays before while my hair is damp, and it detangles, softens, and protects my color from the sun and pollution.


Kiehl's - This Multi-Corrective Cream, is a must-have in my skincare routine. It's an anti-aging cream I use at night, but it does have SPF30 in it for daytime use, too. It helps with dullness, uneven texture, fine lines and wrinkles. 

Lips - I use this lip mask at night to hydrate and heal my dry and sometimes cracked lips. 


MOROCCANOIL Shower Milk - For your skin to get that glow, you have to make sure it's clean and exfoliated, so your moisturizer and oil can do it's job. This Shower Milk has the amazing MOROCCANOIL signature scent and while cleansing, also moisturizes with argan oil. I usually use with a loofah or exfoliating glove, so I can exfoliate at the same time. Mineral oil-free, so it's not going to take off your self-tanner or spray tan. 

MOROCCANOIL Body SoufflĂ©  Moisturizer - Hands down the best hydrating moisturizer and best smelling moisturizer I've tried. This soufflĂ© instantly smoothes your skin and has the light fragrance of MOROCCANOIL's signature scent. Also, a little bit goes a long way, too. This is a little bit pricier than I typically spend on body lotion, but I use this a lot and will vouch that it is work every penny, I promise. This one is also mineral oil-free. 

Loving Tan Ultra Dark - This is my all-time favorite tanner. It's a super dark, but natural looking tan that dries quickly and stays on for five days. This tanner is my go-to for my face. I've tried so many facial tanners, and this is the only one I've found that doesn't make me break out. I use my Luna 3 facial cleanser nightly to get rid of dirt and oil, which also helps my tanner apply better. I use the Luna 3 for Sensitive Skin, but they also have a versions for normal skin and combination skin. I also use the FOREO UFO to apply masks a couple times a week that help with pore size, dullness and wrinkles.

Setting Sprays to give you the perfect glow:
Caudele - Smells great and gives me an immediate dewy finish
NYX Dewy Make-Up Setting Spray - I've been using this on and off for about a year and love it. The best price you'll find for a dewy setting spray that lasts ALL day. 

Favorite Foundations to give you a dewy glow:
1. Gorgio Armani Luminous Silk (I used color 4.5)
2. L'Oreal Pro-Glo (I mix colors 201 and 203)
3. NARS All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation (I use color Mont Blanc)

Body Oils 
MOROCCANOIL  - These will both give your skin an amazing glow. One is with shimmer, one without shimmer. This set is great if you want to try out a bunch of their body products. 

If you're thinking about trying any of these products and have questions, just shoot me a DM or comment below. A lot of these products can be found in travel size if you're looking to test something out before buying a full-size product. 

xo, Crystal Marie


Tuesday, June 11, 2019

We had a blast in the Bahamas. It is truly one of our favorite spots in the entire world, and this time we took Winston. It was extra work and extra rewarding. Getting to see him experience the ocean for the first time was so fun. I wanted to share all of my favorite swim cover ups, in case you have a trip coming up and need some ideas. There are so many styles out there. My favorites are the kimono style, cover up pants, tunics and beach throws that double as a cover up. Check out my picks below. 

This kimono cover up is even prettier in person than in the ad. It's has beautiful vibrant colors and is lightweight (perfect for humidity at the beach). I've also been wearing this with jeans and a tank or bodysuit, if it's hot out, but I still want to cover my shoulders. The color is called "coffee."

My swimsuit top and bottom are both by Montce Swim. I wear medium in both pieces. 
I bring these cover up pants on every tropical vacay, and they might be my most worn item on every trip. I should really grab the other colors. Right now black and coral are available. I'm 5'4" and the pants hit just an inch or so about the ground. There's a drawstring, so you can wear low or high-waisted. This pair is similar and available in white right now. The top I'm wearing was a great find. I actually bought this short-sleeved version for roaming around and then a long sleeved version to protect my shoulders and arms later in the vacation. It's super thin, very soft and washes well (yay!). My swimsuit can be purchased directly from Montce Swim, and occasionally Revolve will restock this "Spring Gingham" print. 

This soft tunic is so comfortable and easy to throw on or take with you in a beach bag. This particular style is Calvin Klein and sold out (so sorry), but I'm linking several similar options below. I also love a good beach throw to just tie around me. I love this one by Tavik. It comes in both a short and long version. The material is super soft and can be laid out like a towel or tied around you for a cute cover-up. The horizontal lines are very flattering.


I love hearing from you guys. Let me know if you try out any of these styles. Thanks for stopping by!

xo, Crystal Marie

Tuesday, May 14, 2019

We're headed to The Bahamas this week for a little fun in the sun, and I wanted to quickly share how I care for my hair on vacation. A lot of resorts have amazing hair and bath products, but I'm a little picky and always like to bring my own products that I'm familiar with, to keep the routine that keeps my hair bright, soft and healthy. Do you bring your own hair products on vacation?

If you're headed somewhere nice, and plan on spending time in the sun, salt water and chlorine, it's important to keep your hair protected and hydrated. Moroccanoil has the perfect size travel kits for keeping your hair healthy (and styled). The Moroccanoil Getaway Glam Color Complete Set has the perfect travel size products to take with you. The sun and chlorine can make my hair crazy dry, so I always use a hydrating color protecting shampoo and conditioner and follow with a protecting spray and oil or treatment. If you haven't tried Moroccanoil products before, let me warn you... You're going to fall in love with the scent and be happy with the results. I've linked all four Getaway Glam Sets below, so you can pick the one that best fits your hair care needs. 

I always make sure to pack plenty of hats on my vacations. This panama hat is an all-time favorite that always comes with me. I also just picked up this one in white tweed, and can't wait to wear it. 

In the pool I like to pull my hair up as much as possible. It can be drying for any hair type, and can actually alter the color for blondes. Here are a few of my favorite scrunchies that are gentle on my hair. 

Happy Vacationing! Thanks for stopping by!

xo, Crystal Marie 


Monday, May 6, 2019

Today I'm sharing a few of my favorite basic pieces that are both comfortable, and easy for layering. I made a resolution for myself this year to buy less statement pieces, and instead buy more practical and comfy pieces. Here are a few of my favorites. 
These crop pants are so comfortable for the warmer days a head. I wore these so much last Summer and am happy they restocked this year in a similar shade. I also have the chambray pair. They come in several colors in regular and tall sizes. 

A white denim jacket is a must for me in the Summer. It's an easy layering piece to look polished and is perfect for those cool Summer nights. The jacket I'm wearing washes up really well and sizes from xxs-3x.

I have never been big on wearing t-shirts, until I found this one. Then I bought three of them. It's flowy, super soft and has cuffed sleeves (so it's a little dressy by itself). This one is on clearance, so I'm also including a similar style.

Thanks for stopping by!
xo, Crystal Marie


Friday, April 19, 2019

Hi Friends! Today, I'm excited to share details on a baby food brand we've known and trusted since Winston was born. With Winston being our first baby, and both Jared and I not having a lot of friends with kids, we really didn't know what brand was going be "best" or "right" for our family in regards to feeding him baby food. What I wound up doing is going to our local grocery store, seeing what was offered, and looking at the ingredients on the label. I knew I wanted real ingredients without any additives or "extras" you might say. I wanted to know exactly what he was eating.
I was initially drawn to the cute honeypot Beech-Nut® Naturals™ jars with the bright green lid. I could see the color and texture of the purees in each jar, and the ingredients list was short and recognizable. So we tried it out... and kept going back for more.
We started Winston on the Stage 1 single ingredient solid food first, and eventually graduated him to the Stage 2 multiple ingredient purees. Winston is 21 months now, and his favorite has been and still is just apple & kale. And while he can also eat more hearty foods than purees, Beech-Nut® Naturals™ has remained part of his daily diet. There are so many reasons why, but I'll share just a few with you.

1. We like give him food he actually likes, that tastes good, and is good for him. All the ingredients in Beech-Nut® Naturals™ are non-GMO, natural, and simply prepared with ingredients like fresh apples and pears. They are pureed cold to protect flavor and nutrients, and it is clear that Winston can taste the difference!

2. It's a great way to get his fruits and veggies. Don't get me wrong, he's a great eater, we are very lucky. But raw veggies can be tough for a teething baby to eat. Because Beech-Nut® Naturals™ are 100% natural and made with real fruits and vegetables, we feel like we're doing the mom & dad duty in giving him the nutrients his little body needs.

3. You may laugh at this, but it's a great way to help Winston learn how to use silverware. We used to feed him each bite, but now we hold the jar and he takes the bites at his pace and gets a little more coordinated each time.


Before he takes a bite, he always does one taste test with his finger. No matter the flavor, it's always the same process. We always laugh so hard.
Beech-Nut® Naturals™ is made with real fruits and vegetables, just like you would use at home. Let me know if you try these out at YOUR home. I always love hearing your thoughts.

As always, thanks for stopping by!

xo, Crystal Marie

Thank you Beech-Nut® Naturals™ for sponsoring this blog post.

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