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Monday, February 26, 2018

Sometimes, I don't want to break out my $48 bottle of foundation, limited edition contouring palettes and expensive highlighter just to sit on my couch and watch cartoons with my baby. No offense Winston. Mommy still wants to look pretty for you :) But is anyone with me? Anyway, I do want to have something on my face... Makeup is expensive, so if you could achieve the same or similar look for less, wouldn't you? Whether you need make-up on the fly and can't run to the mall, or if you simply want to add a few less expensive pieces to your beauty routine, I'm sharing my beauty favorites from the drugstore below. All are comparable to the department store brands that I use on a regular basis. 

L'Oreal Infallible Pro-Glow Foundation: I have combination skin, and this foundation is a dream, giving me the perfect glow for daily use. I mix colors 201 & 203 to get my perfect shade. If you have oily skin, I would not recommend, as you may wind up looking over shiny. I would say this foundation is comparable to NARS All Day Luminous Foundation

NYX Eyebrow Gel: I have been using this gel for over a year, and keep using it because it's such great quality. If you're an Anastasia Brow Dip lover, you should really try this. It's a fraction of the cost at only $7, is water-proof and long lasting. The only difference between the two brands, is the consistency isn't as thick, but close. I wear the blonde shade which is comparable to the Anastasia Taupe Brow Dip.

Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Concealer: I picked this up at the store to try about 6 months ago. I wanted something with a treatment in it, but also something with actual coverage that was comparable to my everyday go-to: NARS Radiant Cream Concealer. I continue to wear this, because it's light weight, but buildable, and I found it in my perfect cool shade, "Fair." 

NYX Butter Lip Gloss: My favorite color is "Creme Brulee," a perfect blend of creamy and shear nude gloss. Besides the color, I love that it's not sticky like so many glosses out there. It's not advertised as an all day or long lasting gloss but it should be. It lasts for hours. 

NYX Highlighter: I received this as a gift at a NYX store opening, and when I used it for the first time, I was mad at myself for waiting so long to open it. It is THE perfect highlighter, and by that I mean: not too iridescent, not too shimmery and not too glittery. Just perfection. I can't say enough about this one! My shade is "Twilight Tint." I'm currently using a limited edition highlighter from the a Tarte holiday palette during the week, and this is the closest to it that I've found so far.

L'Oreal Glow Nude Highlighter Palette: Great for travel, or second option to that expensive quad palette you may already have in your make-up kit. This palette is the newest addition to my make-up stash, and I what I like most, is how versatile it is. There is a highlighter, bronzer, and blush option included to get the glow I want. 

NYX Professional Make-Up Brushes: I couldn't find a direct link to these for you guys, but wanted to mention them because they are softer and better quality than almost all of my department store brushes. Try them them out!

Thanks for stopping by!

xo, Crystal Marie


  1. The infallable foundation is one of my favorites!! It does give you a perfect glow. :) I've never seen the NYX makeup brushes before. I should look into them!!


    1. They are so soft and don't shed when I wash them. I definitely recommend them.

  2. OOH that NYX lipgloss is such a great color!

    xoxo Christie

  3. This is such a great list of easy to grab budget friendly products! Thanks for sharing your knowledge!

  4. Love your selections - great colors too! You've peaked my interest in the concealer - no girl should go without! =) xo

    1. Agreed. Glad you like the picks. Thanks for stopping by!

  5. You can find quality products at any price point. Sometimes the more expensive items doesn’t mean they are better

  6. The lip gloss looks great! I love how it instantly gives a glam look and is wearable anywhere.


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