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Thursday, April 23, 2020

When I was pregnant with Winston, I wasn't super exited about buying maternity clothes. They can be overpriced, look frumpy, and my thought was that I'd only be waring them for a few months... So it may not be worth the cost. I tried to buy as many non-maternity pieces as possible. 

Second time around, I'm having a smilier thought process. With baby number two, my bump started to grow a lot earlier in the pregnancy, so I have been wearing maternity denim and leggings since I was about four months along. Besides those, I'm excited that buying up one size in brands I normally wear has worked just perfect. I put together a mini maternity capsule wardrobe below with a bunch of options in each category. I hope this helpful to you first time moms and moms looking for new ideas this time around. 

Comfy Midi Dresses:

Leggings (Maternity & Non-Maternity):
I love the Zella leggings for lounging or running around. They are thick enough to be flattering but not too hot and don't have too much compression. Blanqi brand leggings are a little dressier, which I love. The Align pants are my favorite for hanging around the house. These are not maternity but are stretchy enough and high-waisted enough to grow with your bump. I liked the jogger version also. I have my normal size and one size up. 

Oversized Tees:
These are a must for over leggings and skirts. Post pregnancy you'll still be able to wear them normal or tied in a knot. 

Flowy Tanks/Tops:

Cozy Loungewear:
I bought a medium in the men's hoodie. I would do a large if I bought again for an even more oversized feel. Perfect for leggings. 

Cardigans & Kimonos:
These are great for covering the bum when you're wearing a nice midi dress for a shorter shirt with leggings. I like having something cozy and a lightweight option if it's warmer outside.


I like Target and ASOS for maternity denim. Both brands offer affordable, crazy comfortable options. I have both of the brands below. I sized down in the Target pair and got my true size in ASOS. 


As my belly grows, I feel like barrettes are always the most comfortable option. Anything longline that I normally would wear just doesn't work. 

Preventing Stretch Marks:
I use this everyday to prevent stretch marks and itching. 

These are great because they don't make me nauseous and I can take them without food. 

Water Bottle:
I drink so much more water when I'm pregnant. I love having a cute water bottle to carry around. I swear it helps me drink more : ) 

If you have any questions, definitely write me a message below or DM me on Instagram. You can also email any questions to

Xo, Crystal Marie


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