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Thursday, March 25, 2021


I've used these for both babies. They have the cutest color options and wash well. 

Gwens favorite is the pink ball. She loves to teeth on it. The others light up or rattle. 

This is great for teaching your babe to sit up. I feed Gwen her baby food in this right now.

I've used several wipeable bib brands but these are my favorite. They aren't quite as thick and stiff as other brands, so they are more comfortable my babes. 

I move this from room to room so I have a soft spot for Gwen to play. 

I bought this for Winston when he was smaller and it's been worth every penny. There are three different language options (English, Spanish, French). I use it now for Gwen with the legs off, and she crawls around it to press all the buttons and turn the music and lights on. As she grows and starts to pull herself up and stand, I'll add the legs back on. 

This is constantly on our most-used list. She'll nap or watch cartoons in this bouncer. The cover come off easy to wash and it lays flat for travel or storage.

A must-have teething toy. Fits perfecting in a babies arms. Both my kids have loved Sophie.

I swear by this sleep sack style after my babes are past the newborn stage. The Halo Sleep Sack is a wearable blanket, washes well and has a two-way zipper. 

I love that this activity gym is so darn cute, but it truly is so functional. Gwen will use it laying on her back on the playmate or I'll put it in front of her while in her bouncy chair



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