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Tuesday, November 23, 2021

Baby Dolls - I discovered these adorable dolls while searching for Gwen's Christmas present. She may or may not be getting the red headed Gabrielle doll. 

Banjo - One of the cutest toys I've come across this year. It's only about 12 inches long and weighs just over one pound. 

Hexagon Abacus - I love brining toys like this in the car or out to eat with us. The modern style and natural colors are really nice, too. Something different. 

Toy Kitchen - I love the retro style of this double-sided compact kitchen. One side is a kitchen and the other is a washing machine/pantry.

Car Garage - Both Winston and Gwen play with this garage for hours, and it's become our go-to gift idea for little kids. 

Travel Track - This is on Winston's wishlist and it looks so cool. There are a few different town options and everything folds up to take on the go with a little handle. 

Care Bears - Who doesn't love Care Bears. I had them when I was little and both of my kiddos have loved these since they were small and still love them. We'll be adding a couple more colors to their collection this year. 

Moccasins - Winston lived in these when he was smaller and Gwen does now, too. They are 100% leather, great quality and come in so many different colors and styles. Also, with each pair sold, food is donated to a child in need.



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