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Wednesday, February 16, 2022


Gwen's nursery is still my favorite spot I the house, my post about her nursery continues to be the most popular of all my posts on Pinterest, so I thought I'd post these images again for anyone looking for some inspiration in creating a nursery. Everything is linked, and I hope you love it as much as we do!

I fell in love with these boho decals from Urban Walls, and knew we were going to reuse Winston's crib, so that's how I got started and decorated the room around those. A little boho glam is what I was going for. I have the full set of decals.

Acrylic and gold dresser knobs are Hamilton Bowes.

I've listed all parts purchased to assemble the hanging racks below. The only item I couldn't link, was the wood. I bought 36-inch long cherry oak boards, and cut them to fit my space. I chose the cherry oak, because it's super strong and won't crack as you drill into the wood. The boards are one inch thick and 12 inches deep. We cut each board to about 30 inches to fit the wall and allow a few inches on each side and a few inches in between the board. You can really used any wood. Don't feel like you have to use cherry oak. I'd steer clear of pine since it's so fragile and splits easily. It's worth the extra money for quality wood. 


Hanging Racks

I hope this gives new moms or anyone decorating a nursery a little bit of inspiration. 

xo, Crystal Marie

Thursday, February 3, 2022

I'm sharing an easy outfit to piece together today. It's polished, but still super comfortable. This knit vest is crazy soft and comes in this light lime color and a pretty grey. Leggings are the traditional cozy fit of the align style, with a little sparkle, giving an almost faux leather vibe. I recommend getting your normal size. My sunnies have been out of stock forever. Grab them while you can! They are such a good price for amazing quality. Boots are true to size and perfect Winter. 


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