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Friday, September 4, 2020


1. Kimono Robe - I brought this soft robe to the hospital and have been wearing it everyday since I got home with baby girl. 

2. Nursing Dress - This nightgown dress is so easy to slip on and wear to bed and around the house. I pair it with he kimono robe and wear it all day inside : ) The material is super soft. 

3. Oversized Tee - An oversized tee is a must when you get back home for lounging and throwing over a pair of sweats or leggings. I prefer this style because it's long enough in the back to cover my bum. 

4. Biker Short 2-pc Set - This is a such a great biker set, I'm shocked it's so affordable. The shorts are knee length and the material is very soft. Some biker sets can be an investment ($$), so I was happy to find a comfy set that I could purchase in a larger size that I may only wear a couple months, without spending a lot. 

5. Soft Tunic - By far the softest top I've bought from this brand, and comes in several colors. The shape is so flattering.

6. Oversized Long Sleeve Tee - I love a good long-sleeve tee while lounging in the A/C. This one, just like the Tee above I mentioned covers your bum, too. 

7. Recovery Underwear - These undies have just enough compression to hold you in place but are no suffocating. I bought two sizes to wear as my belly starts to shrink. 

8. Under Bump/Belly Undies - This undies pack is a must for post baby, but are great when you're pregnant, too. 

9. Cooling Pads - These cooling pads are better than the circle pads offered in the hospital and at the grocery store. The rectangle shape covers more to get the most cooling possible. They are a few more dollars than the other options, but worth it in my opinion. 

10. Silhouette Underwear - Trust me, you want these disposable undies for the hospital and post hospital. They are a great alternative to the ginormous hospital pads. 

11. Upside Down Peri Bottle - The hospital will give you a traditional spray bottle, but I found this bottle to be more functional. 

12. Soft Sleep Shirt - I brought this sleep shirt to the hospital to wear and have been living in it at home. The material is such great quality and gets softer with each wash. 

13. Compression Tank (Nursing) - I had this tank with Winston, and kept it because I liked it so much. It's nursing friendly and has the perfect amount of compression to hold you in place without being TOO tight. It's lined with removable cups. 

14. Leggings - Compression leggings are a must for after the baby. These make it easy to throw on with an oversized top and look put together. 

xo, Crystal Marie


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